Monday 30 August 2010

Elementi Copper Cabinet

The Elementi Patina Copper Cabinet is a monolithic, rough and challenging piece of sculptural furniture.

First created by Andrea Felice to been exhibited at TENT London 2009 part of the London Design Festival.

IDFX Magazine selected the cabinet as one of the standout products from that years show.

Only 9 variations of the cabinet will be produced. Each cabinet will vary in it's patternation and therefore be unique.

The copper mosaic panels that cover the front of the unit are constructed from 0.7mm copper sheet. The sheets have been aged and treated to give each panel a different texture and luster (patination). The copper has then been sealed, however with use and age the panels will continually change appearance – ever evolving.

Disguised behind the copper mosaic panels are 2 cupboards and 5 drawers. The drawers use BLUM concealed runners with built in push catch latches and glide open with the touch of a finger. The cupboards use Hafele 45 degree hinges to allow the edges of the front of the unit to be mitered - creating a seamless box.

The body of the unit is made from black pigment moisture resistant fibre board. Drawers and back are constructed from furniture grade Birch Ply to lighten the interior of the outwardly dark unit

Cabinets are made to order - price on application. Please email: or phone.

This concept, could be adapted to a wide range of furniture – from single units, to bedroom sets, even a whole kitchen. Commissions for such work taken.

Elementi concept could be made from various finishes depending on brief and could utilise materials such as solid woods, lacquer, other metals such as stainless or brass, and/or leather. We could also incorporate features such as dovetailed draws if desired.

Elementi 1/9 & 2/9 have been sold by Decoratum in Marylebone London in 2010.

Photography : Decoratum