Monday 11 October 2010

Press Release and Images

Please click on the following links to download our latest press releases and high res images.

Click here to download our Press Release (last updated September 2011)

Images - click on the word JPG to down high res images in that file type. 

Caught Light - single fish
Caught Light - full single fish hanging  - JPG
Caught Light - single fish swimming away  - JPG
Caught Light - swimming up

Caught Light - full chandelier straight on  - JPG
Caught Light - full chandelier swimming up  - JPG
Caught Light - full chandelier swimming up v2  - JPG
Caught Light - chandelier section  - JPG

Sequenza Credenza
Sequenza Credenza - front on - JPG
Sequenza Credenza - angle - JPG
Sequenza Credenza - detail - JPG

Rovi Cabinet

Rovi - 3/4 View on white background  - JPG
Rovi - 3/4 view staged with broken vase - JPG
Rovi - close up of door open - JPG 
Rovi -  thorn handle close up - JPG
Rovi - with Andrea Felice and wooden handles - JPG

Elementi Cabinet

Elementi - white background doors open - JPG
Elementi - white background doors closed - JPG
Elementi - white background drawer detail - JPG 

Magus Table
Magus - front on full view white background - JPG
Magus - 1/2 view, staged with vases - JPG
Magus - table leg detail - JPG
Magus - with Andrea Felice - JPG

More images and TIFF files are available on request - please email

If you have any problems downloading please email or call 07903 674 191 and we are happy to email or post a CD with images.

If  the JPGs  open in your browser - select "File", then "Save As" and save the images to your desktop or chosen location.