Thursday 23 December 2010


My beloved BMW custom - my other passion beyond furniture
Andrea & Biplano - photo by Nick Caro

Thursday 11 November 2010

Our First Front Cover!

We can't express how elated we are at our first front cover! 

idfx Magazine selected a closeup of one of the Rovi Cabinet handles to adorn its November edition cover. With a half page article about it's making inside.


A specially thank you to Holly Jolliffe for her stunning photography and Richard Douglas for studio and set.  Without them we would not have achieved this.

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Monday 11 October 2010

Press Release and Images

Please click on the following links to download our latest press releases and high res images.

Click here to download our Press Release (last updated September 2011)

Images - click on the word JPG to down high res images in that file type. 

Caught Light - single fish
Caught Light - full single fish hanging  - JPG
Caught Light - single fish swimming away  - JPG
Caught Light - swimming up

Caught Light - full chandelier straight on  - JPG
Caught Light - full chandelier swimming up  - JPG
Caught Light - full chandelier swimming up v2  - JPG
Caught Light - chandelier section  - JPG

Sequenza Credenza
Sequenza Credenza - front on - JPG
Sequenza Credenza - angle - JPG
Sequenza Credenza - detail - JPG

Rovi Cabinet

Rovi - 3/4 View on white background  - JPG
Rovi - 3/4 view staged with broken vase - JPG
Rovi - close up of door open - JPG 
Rovi -  thorn handle close up - JPG
Rovi - with Andrea Felice and wooden handles - JPG

Elementi Cabinet

Elementi - white background doors open - JPG
Elementi - white background doors closed - JPG
Elementi - white background drawer detail - JPG 

Magus Table
Magus - front on full view white background - JPG
Magus - 1/2 view, staged with vases - JPG
Magus - table leg detail - JPG
Magus - with Andrea Felice - JPG

More images and TIFF files are available on request - please email

If you have any problems downloading please email or call 07903 674 191 and we are happy to email or post a CD with images.

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Tuesday 21 September 2010

TENT London - London Design Festival

Don't forget if your in London this weekend to come and visit us at TENT (just off brick lane)  23rd - 26th September.

We're going to have three pieces of furniture on show - The Rovi Cabinet, Elementi and the Sbalzo Coffee Table.

Find out more about the London Design Festival

We suggest you use Icon's guide to get the best our of the festival.

Quick snap of our stand - G32 at TENT

Thursday 9 September 2010

Rovi Cabinet

 (please click on images to see larger versions)
At first glance the Rovi Sideboard is a very minimal and elegant aluminum cabinet.  Then the viewer notices the unit is in fact broken by branches (rather than standard handles) which weave through the cabinet’s structure – in doing so become one with it. Lastly Rovi’s thorns are realized – making the handles seem almost inaccessible.

Rovi playfully reverses our relationship with a piece of fine furniture.  You are at risk … rather than having to be careful of how you handle or open a more delicate piece of furniture.

The unit is constructed of black pigmented high density fiberboard, which has been faced with 3mm aluminum sheet.  The doors of the unit are mitred so that they seamlessly fit.

The original handle branches were hand carved by Andrea from Sycamore, with Holy wood thorns.  These were then used to construct two part silicon molds from which the handles have been cast using a polyester resin.

Designed and Manufacture in 2010 by Andrea Felice.  The cabinet will be shown to the public for the first time at TENT London 2010.

The sideboards are designed to be made to order and are manufactured in house. Production will be limited.  Rovi is  1190mm x 740mm x 450mm in size.  However bespoke sized versions can be produced on commission.

Rovi means bramble or thorny bush in Italian.
A specially thank you to Holly Jolliffe for her stunning photography and Richard Douglas for studio and set. 


Oak Bespoke TV Cabinet

click on images to see larger versions

A very large bespoke TV unit constructed from two tone solid and veneered Oak.

The unit was designed by Wayne Maxwell Design, with AF Designs handcrafting all the woodwork in their London studio.  The organic details have been designed and individually hand carved by Andrea Felice himself - each one is totally unique.
A specialist (made to order) electric TV lift elevates the 52" plasma screen at the touch of a remote control button.  Incorporated are controls for turning the screen left/right. The top opening is hidden when the screen is down by a matching wooden panel mounted on an automated lid closure devise.  AF Designs integrated the specialist TV lift as the unit was built. (video below shows mechanism in action).

Finishing of the Oak has been done by hand, with a stain applied to produce a two-tone effect.  Giving the cabinet a wonderful velvet feeling when touched.
When the unit is opened (both ends house cupboard/draw space) a bright red lacquer interior is unexpectedly revealed.

The units spans 2.8m in width and is 1.1m high and 0.65m deep.

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Magus Dining Table

The Magus Dining Table is a sculptural piece of furniture.  First created by Andrea Felice for TENT London 2009 part of the London Design Festival.

The Magus is a limited edition piece - only 9 variations of the Table will be produced in total.  Please contact AF Designs directly to commission.

The table is constructed to the highest standards from solid oak and stainless steel table. Designed and handcrafted using traditional furniture techniques by Andrea Felice.
bespoke handcrafted handmade oak table by Andrea Felice AF Deisgns

The solid oak top that has been hand carved at the corners to create the impression of it floating above its voluptuous legs.

The wood turned and carved legs are highlighted by teardrop stainless steel inserts (crafted by sculpture Simon Black using a high pressure water inflation technique).

A velvet finish has been created by a hand applied wax technique, with the grain detail emphasised by first using acid.

bespoke handcrafted handmade oak table by Andrea Felice AF Deisgns
Artist and good friend Simon Black has constructed the stainless steel teardrop features on the table legs. Simon describes himself as ‘someone who normally makes useless things from useful objects, but in this instance working with Andrea he has, for a change, made something useful from something useless’.  Simon has a BFA from the Norwich School of Art and a masters degree from the University of Alberta, Canada.  He worked as an assistant to sculptor Sir Anthony Caro for three years. And as mentioned above has developed a technique enabling him to water inflated stainless steel.

Magus in Latin means the ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold.  Magus is associated with magic, astrology, alchemy and esoteric knowledge.

Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer) was regarded as the source of all heresies. He was specifically said to possess the ability to levitate and fly at will. And was a character in Dante’s inferno.

Photography by Holly Jolliffe

Monday 30 August 2010

Elementi Copper Cabinet

The Elementi Patina Copper Cabinet is a monolithic, rough and challenging piece of sculptural furniture.

First created by Andrea Felice to been exhibited at TENT London 2009 part of the London Design Festival.

IDFX Magazine selected the cabinet as one of the standout products from that years show.

Only 9 variations of the cabinet will be produced. Each cabinet will vary in it's patternation and therefore be unique.

The copper mosaic panels that cover the front of the unit are constructed from 0.7mm copper sheet. The sheets have been aged and treated to give each panel a different texture and luster (patination). The copper has then been sealed, however with use and age the panels will continually change appearance – ever evolving.

Disguised behind the copper mosaic panels are 2 cupboards and 5 drawers. The drawers use BLUM concealed runners with built in push catch latches and glide open with the touch of a finger. The cupboards use Hafele 45 degree hinges to allow the edges of the front of the unit to be mitered - creating a seamless box.

The body of the unit is made from black pigment moisture resistant fibre board. Drawers and back are constructed from furniture grade Birch Ply to lighten the interior of the outwardly dark unit

Cabinets are made to order - price on application. Please email: or phone.

This concept, could be adapted to a wide range of furniture – from single units, to bedroom sets, even a whole kitchen. Commissions for such work taken.

Elementi concept could be made from various finishes depending on brief and could utilise materials such as solid woods, lacquer, other metals such as stainless or brass, and/or leather. We could also incorporate features such as dovetailed draws if desired.

Elementi 1/9 & 2/9 have been sold by Decoratum in Marylebone London in 2010.

Photography : Decoratum