Thursday 9 September 2010

Rovi Cabinet

 (please click on images to see larger versions)
At first glance the Rovi Sideboard is a very minimal and elegant aluminum cabinet.  Then the viewer notices the unit is in fact broken by branches (rather than standard handles) which weave through the cabinet’s structure – in doing so become one with it. Lastly Rovi’s thorns are realized – making the handles seem almost inaccessible.

Rovi playfully reverses our relationship with a piece of fine furniture.  You are at risk … rather than having to be careful of how you handle or open a more delicate piece of furniture.

The unit is constructed of black pigmented high density fiberboard, which has been faced with 3mm aluminum sheet.  The doors of the unit are mitred so that they seamlessly fit.

The original handle branches were hand carved by Andrea from Sycamore, with Holy wood thorns.  These were then used to construct two part silicon molds from which the handles have been cast using a polyester resin.

Designed and Manufacture in 2010 by Andrea Felice.  The cabinet will be shown to the public for the first time at TENT London 2010.

The sideboards are designed to be made to order and are manufactured in house. Production will be limited.  Rovi is  1190mm x 740mm x 450mm in size.  However bespoke sized versions can be produced on commission.

Rovi means bramble or thorny bush in Italian.
A specially thank you to Holly Jolliffe for her stunning photography and Richard Douglas for studio and set.