Sunday 22 July 2012

Evoluzione Light

The Evoluzione Light gives you the possibility to spend your evenings creating and refining your table light. Using the Evoluzione kit you can challenge your friends to create the best table light design, or vary your light form to suite your mood and changing d├ęcor desires.
This light is incredibly addictive, allowing you to interact with it at your leisure - sculpting your own light to your hearts content. However even in it’s basic stacked form the light retains its design value of contrasts between geometric and organic.
The light very much a game of shape, light and shadows. Where you can play at being ‘Bucky’ in your home. Create small compact lights or large structures simply by joining the wood triangles with rubber links or by slotting the triangles directly into one and another. The structures can be built upon the inner Perspex LED light, or forms can be created independently as stand alone pieces.
The Evoluzione Light is a collaboration between Furniture Designer/Maker Andrea Felice, and Architect and friend Angelo Grasso. Initially wanting to create a game for children, Angelo and Andrea started to play with
interlocking geometric shapes. Both Angelo and Andrea are fans of Buckminster Fuller (Bucky), and this lead to the creation of the interlocking triangular shapes. While ‘playing’ around with it one evening they then decided to ‘put a light in it’ – and the Evoluzione Light was born.

Evoluzione Light – constructional details:
• Constructed from plywood triangular pieces, Perspex core, and LED light.
• The internal light ‘core’ 240mm high when ‘stacked’ into a tower with 100mm triangular sides.
• When the light is constructed it can form much larger shapes (size depends on the users creation)
• The triangular wooden shapes can be attached to the Perspex core and each other either by slotting into each other, or by the use of rubber links.

The Evoluzione Light will be launched at TENT London (part of the London Design Festival) Old Truman Brewery London E1 September 20-23, AF Designs Stand G21.


At TENT we will be offering visitors to our stand the opportunity to play with the light and create their own structures. We will photograph these and post on our Twitter and Facebook and the favourites on our Blog.

Download a full press release here.

Download images here.