Wednesday 26 September 2012

Beelzebub Cabinet

Over the past years I have been incorporating organic elements into his designs and contrasting them with linear shapes. This cabinet continues on with this theme. Featuring a wide spectrum of traditional and modern woodworking techniques, as well as the incorporation of metal.

The extruded marquetry of ‘THE FLY’ that appears on the front of the cabinet is constructed with anatomical accuracy. Giving the feeling that the giant fly could literally fly off the cabinet and circle you!

The construction of THE FLY has been an intimate journey - each piece of wood has been
painstakingly selected (Wenge & Sapele) for it’s grain and colour.  Then crafted by hand (wood turned, shaped and carved) individually and with extreme accuracy so that they fit perfectly with each other. The wings of the THE FLY were first carved from wood, then scanned and water jet cut from sheet aluminium. The whole fly sculpture then adorns the front of the cabinet.

The body of the Beelzebub cabinet is clad in copper sheet (utilising techniques we have developed and that were used in Elementi & Sequenza. With a single concealed door opening at the side of the cabinet in a wing like manner (rather than the front). The Beelzebub body then stands on four curvaceous legs formed from solid Sapele and curved ply-veneered in Wenge, with copper intricately veneered on the edges. This Beelzebub is truly a one-off piece due to the nature of the work. The cabinet stands 1.72 meters high and is about 73cm wide (73cm deep). The cabinet is intended to go to a gallery after the show. It would be available for press loan.

Beelzebub was the lord of the flies.

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